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Monday, February 8, 2016

Getting Started

Ready to take the plunge?

When you get ready to lay down your hard cold cash for supplies, you really want to make the best decision and get the right things. My problem was getting bit by the shaving bug pretty bad. After watching so many YouTube review videos, I just had to have everything! I spent money on things that I thought I needed and things that will never be used. What you have to be careful of are the reviews on places like Amazon. Some people would rave about a product and it did not work for me. Another would give it a low rating and classify it as a very poor product only to find it was perfect for me. Everybody's shaving needs are different. In the shaving world it's a matter of finding the right things that suit your needs and budget and give you the best results. But above all give you satisfaction during and after the shave! So be cautious with online reviews.

Make one change at a time

I can't emphasize enough to only make one change at a time. This was one of the first mistakes that I made. I changed my shaving cream, razor and blade all at once. It was a mental struggle every shave trying to remember how to create the lather, how to hold the razor at the right angle, how to keep the pressure at a minimum, which direction to shave, what blade to use, how to deal with razor burn. And then I was changing up products every other day! With  so many changes, it was difficult to keep track of what was working and what was not and then to remember all of that the next day. Take small steps and work your way into it.  Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Be a thrifty shopper

Just because it cost a lot does not make it the right product for you. I've bought several soaps and creams that cost up to fifteen to twenty dollars each, and for me, they could not perform as well as the cheap $1.69 soap I buy at the local supermarket. My $12.88 razor performs just as well as my $35.00 razor. Cost does not always dictate what works best for you. Skin type, sensitivity, beard growth and the shape of your face has everything to do with what you need to use. Just because it is popular among the DE shaving community, or expensive does not mean it will work for you. Finding that perfect shave can be frustrating and expensive. Just remember, It will be worth the effort once you find that right combination!

My first two investments

Before you venture any further into DE shaving I would recommend that you make two purchases up front. The first would be a styptic pencil and the second would be a bottle of witch hazel. Both can be purchased at your local drugstore, supermarket, or even Wal-Mart.

Clubman Styptic Pencil

I picked up my styptic pencil at Wal-Mart for a couple of dollars. The only one they had was made by Pinaud Clubman. It is quite large but does the job nicely and comes in a plastic tube for storage and traveling. I'm sure it will last me the rest of my life!
Dickenson's Witch Hazel

You can also pick up a bottle of witch hazel at Wal-Mart. I found it in the pharmacy section. You can opt for the Wal-Mart brand or like me spend an extra dollar and get a bottle made by Dickenson. I opted for the Dickenson because of the cap (and the pretty label!)

The reason for these two items is important. The styptic pencil will take care of any cuts and nicks you will get and the witch hazel works wonders at reducing razor burn with the redness and puffiness that comes along with it. I religiously use witch hazel after every shave. If you are still using cartridge razors, go ahead and start the witch hazel right after every shave. You will see and feel a difference. It will become a more noticeable once you make the change to DE shaving!

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