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Monday, February 13, 2017

A San Antonio Shave

This past week me and the wife went to the TMEA convention in San Antonio (Texas Music Educators Convention.) As always, the downtown area was beautiful and with the hotel on the river walk, well, who could ask for more. I really like these conventions because it gives me an opportunity to hear the All State bands and Orchestras practice and perform. It's really amazing what high school kids can do with music! We also attended several clinics, browsed the exhibits and enjoy great Mexican food.

Shaving, however, is a different story. San Antonio has nice hard water. My first shave told me that the water out of the tap does not lubricate as nicely as my soft water back home. It tends to cause the razor to drag and doesn't interact with the soap very well. I had packed Van Der Hagan Luxury soap for the trip and face lathering was a little more difficult. The lather produced was not well developed and did not offer much lubrication for the shave. I also think that the Merkur Classic razor with a Voskhod blade were not good choices. I think something a little more aggressive and sharper would have done a better job.

Well Groomed Guy
Packing a pre-shave oil was a good idea. I almost made a mistake when I first chose the Shave Secret oil.  Second guessing myself I packed my Pre Shave Oil For Gentlemen made by The Well Groomed Guy. This actually helped some with the lubrication problem. It absolutely helped with the after shave feel and razor burn.

I think next time I go back to San Antonio, I will need to do more research with hard water problems and be better prepared to pack for it.

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