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Monday, March 13, 2017

Shark Super Stainless

Over the next few weeks I am going to keep a daily running experience of different blades. Mainly so that I can remember what they were like. Hopefully, you will find this interesting or helpful as you try different blades. Each blade will be used for 7 days unless they are a really bad blade.

Blade Name

Shark Super Stainless Blade  
Shark Super Stainless Blade







Shaving conditions

I changed things up a bit this week. Monday I had used the normal shave prep but changed the routine for the rest of the week. I received and started using Stirling "Barbershop" soap and changed to my Lord DE razor which is a little more aggressive. for the remainder of the week

Beard Type

Light beard growth, thicker on and under the chin, very sensitive on the neck. Susceptible to razor bumps on and under the chin area.

Preshave Prep:

  • Shower
  • Shave Secret (four drops) - Day 1 only
  • The well Dressed Guy Pre-shave Oil - Days 2-7
  • Van der Hagen Premium soap (Shave Stick) - Day 1 then day3 3-7
  • Stirling Soaps - Barbershop - Day 2
  • Merkur Classic razor - Day 1 only
  • Lord LP1822L DE Razor - Days 2-7
  • Soft water
  • Maggard 22mm knot synthetic brush

Post Shave:

  • Dickenson's Witch Hazel (Blue Bottle)
  • Pinaud Clubman Original
  • Nivea Balm for Sensitive Skin

The Shave Week

Day 1 Shave

  • Smoothness: Blade exhibited the normal sharp feeling that new blades almost always do. The shave was relatively smooth and enjoyable.
  • Tugging: No tugging was experienced on the sensitive neck areas.
  • Razor Burn: Did not experience much razor burn. A little more than normal on the chin area as I normally have to do with the Merkur Classic razor. Aftershave burned a little but only for a few seconds. Nothing to make it uncomfortable.
  • Nicks: There were no nicks or weepers from the shave.
  • Closeness: Closeness was only achieved by excessive buffing on the chin areas and touch-ups on the neck area. I think that I will change razors due to the amount of buffing I am having to. It appears that this razor is just to mild.

Day 2 Shave

  • Smoothness: Blade was very smooth and sharp. There was an enhanced performance using the Lord DE razor. It is a little more aggressive and seems to hit that sweet spot pretty good.
  • Tugging: No tugging on the neck area where it is very sensitive.
  • Razor Burn: A little razor burn do the razor being a little more aggressive, but felt normal as the aftershave stopped burning within a couple of minutes.
  • Nicks: No nicks or weepers.
  • Closeness: Very close shave! The Stirling shave soap provided a great deal of protection and aftershave comfort. However, having shaved at night, the next morning my face felt like leather. I'm not sure what I did wrong with the soap. I will have to investigate later. For the next few shave, I will go back to the Van Der Hagen Luxury soap.

Day 3 Shave

  • Smoothness: Another smooth and close shave without much effort.
  • Tugging: No tugging on the neck area.
  • Razor Burn: A little when the aftershave was applied. Stopped after a couple of minutes.
  • Nicks: No Nicks or weepers.
  • Closeness: Very close and comfortable shave

Day 4 Shave

  • Smoothness: Another smooth shave! Today I went back to the VDH Luxury soap. Every shave  With this blade so far has been BBS. 
  • Tugging: A little tugging on the neck but it was not very noticible.
  • Razor Burn: A small amount of burn when thhe aftershave was applied. Again this is on the areas that I tend to buff more than usual.
  • Nicks: No nicks or weepers.
  • Closeness: Very close and smooth shave. This makes four BBS shave in a row.

Day 5 Shave

  • Smoothness: It was a little difficult to determine if the smoothness was diminishing any today. I was in a hurry and did a two pass pass mainly against the grain. There were no glaring issues with the blade, but it was under a little heavier load than normal.
  • Tugging: Slight tugging on the neck area, but then it was a two pass shave and it was to be expected.
  • Razor Burn: Slight razor burn that went away after a minute or two.
  • Nicks: No nicks or weepers.
  • Closeness: Shave was close, but not BBS. Better than I was expecting.

Day 6 Shave

  • Smoothness: Another smooth shave! The shave soap was a little drier than usual on the first pass but it cut nicely.
  • Tugging: Not much tugging, but I could tell that the blade was loosing it's sharpness. I could feel some tugging on the cheeks but it was not uncomfortable at all.
  • Razor Burn: No razor burn when the aftershave was applied.
  • Nicks: No nicks or weepers.
  • Closeness: Overall, the shave was close, but could feel where the blade just didn't get it all when rubbing my hand against the grain on the face. It was a close shave but not BBS. I was still happy with it and it was comfortable afterwards.

Day 7 Shave

  • Smoothness: another smooth shave! I could tell that the blade was beginning to cut less close this time. It did not effect the smoothness or cause tugging.
  • Tugging: Nice smooth on the neck area without any tugging.
  • Razor Burn: No razor burn when the aftershave was applied.
  • Nicks: No nicks or weepers
  • Closeness: The shave was close but not BBS. It was still acceptable and only felt a little rough when you rubbed against the grain in some places.

 Concluding Thoughts and Score

The Shark Stainless steal blade has given a weeks worth of smooth and comfortably close shaves. I believe I could have got a few more days out of it if I were to push it. This blade is one that I will keep in my rotation of blades. Smooth and comfortable with the Lord L6 razor and VDH Luxury soap.
If I were to score this blade form 1 to 10 I would rate it an overall 9.4.
  • Sharpness: 9
  • Smoothness: 10
  • Tugging: 10
  • Razor Burn: 10
  • Closeness: 8
  • Overall: 9.4


  1. This one was fast wearing for me, but in so doing, remained a pretty good edge! Could that be its secret? The one blade that adapts to your face?

    1. Oh, wait-- that was the "super chrome". (Judge a book by it's cover? Guilty!) I'll have to give these a try.