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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Comfortable and Pleasant Shave!

Shaving should always be a pleasant experience. Not only during, but one that last for hours afterward. This past weekend I put together a shave that could very well be my everyday shave!

I had opened a new puck of VDH Luxury soap and melted it into a new container that I had bought Maggard Razors.  Later that night when it had hardened back up, I added a little hot water to the top for about minute. As this was soaking I added about 6 drops of VDH shave oil to my face and let it set for a couple of minutes.

As the oil was penetrating my stubble, I poured the water off the puck and added about a pea size dab of Palmolive shave cream to the top of it. I then saturated my synthetic brush and squeezing out the excess water, I loaded the brush with the two. Afterwards I went straight to a face lather, adding water as needed until I had a pile of cream. The fragrance of the combination was nice and not overbearing.

A three pass shave was smooth and the razor refused to tug. It just glided through over the skin. The soap and cream combination gave me really good protection and the VDH shave oil seemed to add the lubrication into the skin that added that extra barrier of protection. It was a nice, very comfortable shave!

Finished up with Pinaud Clubman original aftershave and  Nivea balm for sensitive skin and I walked out of the bathroom feeling like a new man! A half hour later I was palming baby soft skin and not feeling a single stray whisker. It was a good close shave. As I write this ten hours later, the stubble is barely beginning to make it's presence known, but my skin is still as soft as ever. For me, this is a combination made in heaven! It was economical, did not add any additional time to the shave, and was a pleasure to be repeated!

If you have never tried shave oils and a mixture of soap and creams, give it a try. You never know. You may find a shave that beats the best that's out there!

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