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Friday, July 21, 2017

"Lord Maggard"

When I started DE shaving a couple of years ago, It was fun researching razors and finally making a purchase. The anticipation of the arrival and then putting it through the motions to evaluate my purchase. Over the course of time, I made a few good purchases and also wasted money on something no better than a fishing line sinker.

It wasn't until I used the Lord L6 razor that I find one that was almost perfect for me. The head on this razor just seemed to work great with several blades, and had a nack of cutting my beard growth perfectly. What wasn't so great about the razor was the handle. It is a long aluminum handle that caused the razor to seem light and unresponsive on certain areas of my face.

It wasn't until I put the handle from my Maggard MR1 razor on the L6 head did I realize what a gem I had! The MR1 handle is shorter, but being made of stainless added just the right amount of weight to the razor as a whole. This has quickly become my favorite razor and one that I will continue to use while all my others gather dust in the closet.

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