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Monday, October 30, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Shave Gear

So what shaving gear would you grab if you were treading a couple of inches of rising water in your house? It will surprise you what you will think of.

I have lived in my home for twenty years and never saw water standing on our road. And never in the forty years our neighbourhood has been around has there been water on the roads.Hurricane Harvey changed all of that. It brought 60 inches of rain over three days and the Army Core of Engineers opened three dams above us and we saw the Neches river swell 8 miles out of it's banks and flood my home with 5 -1/2 feet of water. Not a pretty sight. Not at all. And it came up fast.

Anyway back to the evacuation shave gear.

Evacuation Shave Gear
As I was running through the house putting the last few things we missed as high as we could, my wife was quickly packing a few clothes into a duffle bag. I ran into the bathroom, grabbed my "Lord Maggard" razor, a Van der Hagen shave stick, My Maggard 22mm synthetic brush, and a small bottle of  Clubman Pinaud original aftershave,  and a small bag of blades that were in the drawer. I then made a quick last past through the house and noticed my box of shaving items on the floor. I thought if that gets wet I could have hundreds of blades all over the house. Not good during clean up. I grabbed the box and put it on the top shelf, and then hitch hiked out on a passing boat.

Well the rest is history. The house is dried out, the rebuilding is in progress and we wound up with a couple of new cars. Ironically, I did save most of my shave gear. I did loose all the creams, oils, most of the soaps and my Edwin Jagger DE89, but all my other razors, blades, aftershaves and a couple of soaps survived.

Life is good. I'll be retiring in a year or so, and we will be doing that with a new house, and two new cars. The clutter is all cleaned out, and we are making a few modifications to the house. And the evacuations shaves were pretty good even though I didn't have the pre shave oil, witch hazel, or balm. And did I mention It was with a Lord stainless blade?

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  1. Aw, man... sorry about your house! (And why does "follow" status do nothing whatsoever?) Like your attitude, though. I'd be the freshest flower in the Red Cross shelter, myself, though some people in the Men's room might be made uncomfortable by my Victorian bathing routine.