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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Week of Great Shaves!

When I started this blog, I called it the ten minute shave for one reason. My wife un-approvingly told me one night "do you realize how long you take shaving every night?" Like a good husband I refrained from saying, "Not as long as it takes you to put on makeup everyday!"

She was right though. I was spending way to much time learning how to become a DE shaver. So I set a goal for ten minutes and strove to reach that goal with every shave. Generally it takes me 12 minutes from starting the lather to finish cleaning everything up. I could make it in ten, but I spend just a little to much time fussing over the last few touch-ups. I don't really care. The extra two minutes makes me feel great about the shave.

This past week I have had some great shaves. What has surprised me is what I have been using to get them. I started by melting a puck of Van Der Hagan Deluxe and pouring it into a twist up container to make a shave stick. Using four drops of Shave Secret to prep, I then rub the VDH stick onto my face and lathering it with a 22mm knot synthetic brush I got from Maggard razors. This makes for a great lather with more than enough for a three pass shave with touch ups. Using a Maggard razor MR1 loaded with a Racer Platinum blade, the shaves were proving to be flawless! Finishing up with Pinaud Clubmans original aftershave and Nivea liquid balm, the smoothness and softness was lasting for a good 10 hours!

It just goes to show you that a great shave doesn't have to cost a lot of money or take a great deal of time!

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