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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cruise Ship Shave

A couple of weeks ago we took a cruise out of Galveston to Cozumel, Belize, and Rotan Honduras. It was a really nice family trip. There is nothing like spending the week with my kids and grandsons! Cruises are nice if you don't mind fighting for elevators with 5,000 other people!
While packing for the trip, I knew that shaving would be different, but I didn't realize what a challenge it would be. While packing, I decided to try various shaving soaps and creams on the trip. Along with the Merkur Classic, I packed a box of Gillette Silver Blues, my Arko shave stick, Palmolive shave stick and a tube of Derby Lemon shave cream. I was prepared for anything, or so I thought.

A day at sea

Derby Lemon Shave Cream
The first day out was nice and relaxing. Getting ready for dinner that night I showered and went straight to the shave using the Derby lemon cream with the Merkur Classic and my synthetic brush. The shave was just as good as I would have had at home. The ships water supply came from the same area where we live and performed admirable. Finished up with witch hazel, Clubman's and Nivea cream and I was good to go.

It was the next three days that got my attention.

Salt water, wind and sun

Arko Shave Stick
After spending the day swimming at Cozumel and baking in the sun I showered and was ready for
my shave. I chose to use the Arko shave stick for the shave. This was a bad decision. What ever is in Arko, it did not bode well for my skin. As I got into the shave, the chemicals began to sting and feel uncomfortable. I managed to get through the shave but it was not a pleasant experience. I struck Arko off the list for the rest of the cruise.

Palmolive Shave Stick
After the second day we snorkelled and spent the day on the beach at Belize. Beautiful place with clean clear water. After a day of exposure to more salt water and sand and sun, I chose the Palmolive shave stick for that night's shave. While the shave was still rough because of the harsh exposure I put my skin through I thought the Palmolive stick would be a good choice for mildness. This was a good decision. It did not sting like the Arko did and provided a more enjoyable shave, or at least as best as salt water, sunburned skin could take.

The next day after Rotan, I again used the Palmolive and had a similar shave. Good lather, and protection from the razor. After the three days on the beach we were on our two days at sea with rest and relaxation. The next night I chose to use the Derby Cream again. This time, I experienced the same stinging as I did with the Arko. I couldn't get finished with the shave fast enough. After that experience I finished out the trip with the Palmolive. I was so glad I had brought that!

Back home

Van Der Hagen
After we got back home, I have shaved for the last few days with Van der Hagan Deluxe soap. I thought that with damaged, sensitive skin, I needed to use something that was as mild and natural as I could get. VDH was a God send. As the sunburnt skin began to heal itself, the aloe Vera and Shea butter helped with the healing process. So on my next outing such as this one, VDH and Palmolive soaps will definitely be in the travel bag!

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