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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Humidity Factor

Since I have been DE shaving I have paid a lot more attention to my skin. One thing that I have noticed is that my shaves tend to suffer when the humidity drops. Down here in Texas, we tend to see 100% humidity most of the year, but when winter finally sits in and the heater is turned up, the humidity drops.

My skin doesn't shave as well and feels dry afterwards. What I have found is that a good shaving oil and a shaving soap that is loaded with creams and moisturizers tend to work better for me than menthols and those loaded with chemicals. Also, soaps that require a lot of water to get a good lather tends to pull the moisture from my skin if you skimp on the water while making the lather.

Palmolive soap and Williams (yes, Williams) seems to do me well during these months. As winter continues I will try other oil and skin moisturizing soaps to see what is a good winter combination to use along with by razor and blade.

Stay warm and keep your skin hydrated. Your shaves will love you for it!

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